Administrative Services

ATeam HQ Specializes in a variety of Administrative Services.  Our polite and professional team of specialists boast advanced degrees in a variety of fields and highly specialized training to suit your company’s needs.

For your human resource needs, ATeam HQ can bring a wide range of knowledge and experience including staff who are trained in matters related to the Affordable Care Act and how it can affect your business, state laws on payroll taxes and benefits, and requirements for training programs and certifications.

  • HR On/Off-boarding of Employees
    o    Creation/Delivery of Policies & Procedures Manual
    o    Benefits setup
    o    Development of Orientation Materials
    o    Training programs
    o    Exit Interview Questionnaire

For keeping track if your important files, expenses and other documents, ATeam HQ has trained professionals ready to engage your organization for asset protection and accuracy, reducing risk and yielding peace of mind.

  • Electronic File Storage
  • Time Tracking

Small and medium-sized businesses who operate on a tight budget and cannot afford full-time assistant staff can turn to ATeam HQ’s Executive Assistant Administrative Services to meet their needs.  Less expensive than a temp agency, and not as invasive as a professional employer organization, our highly skilled Executive Assistants can be task or project specific to suit your business needs.

  • Executive Assistant Services
    o    Generate Documents and Spreadsheets
    o    Develop Presentations
    o    Travel/Meeting arrangements
    o    Blogging/Social Media

Need to hire help but don’t have the time or desire to place ads, sort through qualified and unqualified candidates only to take hours out of your busy workweek for interviews?  ATeam HQ’s Administrative Services includes recruiting, where we will handle as much or little of the process that serves you best!

  • Recruiting
    o    Place/Monitor Ads
    o    Resume Collection & Candidate Screening
    o    Initial and/or Group Interviews
    o    Skills Testing
  • Teleconference
    o    Scheduling
    o    Set Up
    o    Agendas
    o    Mediation/Hosting
  • Marketing
    o    Brochures
    o    Flyers
  • Logo/branding design

If you or your business are in need of advanced Administrative Services, Please do not hesitate to contact us today for a detailed proposal and quote.